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Family Matters Campaign Update November 2018

Since the last newsletter edition, Family Matters Queensland has been busy with progressing the current work priorities of the Family Matters Queensland Leadership Group. Our last meeting was held 9 November 2018.

Lead work priorities that we are carrying forward with at present include progressing with the work program around compilation and distribution of regionally disaggregated report cards, that will include measures which correlate to the scope of indicators included as part of the national Family Matters report. Earlier in 2018, Family Matters Queensland submit a data request to the Department of Child Safety Youth and Women (DCSYW) seeking to formalise an arrangement for compilation and release of quarterly report cards, disaggregated by Departmental planning regions. A follow-on meeting was held with Minister Farmer in August 2018, with representatives from the Leadership Group attending. Following on from this meeting, we are pleased to report that in October, we received our first round of data toward the commencement of the regional profiles. Formalising a structure and framework for the report cards and setting a distribution target date will be the next critical steps as part of this work program.

We have also been working to finalise the Family Matters Queensland self-audit tool. As noted in previous newsletter issues, Family Matters Queensland have developed a self-audit tool framework that is now in the process of being finalised to be a fully functional tool. The aim is to develop a clear and efficient self-audit process for organisational signatories to the Campaign to self-assess their current policies, practice, processes and programs against the Family Matters Building Blocks. It is now embedded in the Leadership Group Terms of Reference that all organisations signing up to the Campaign will need to complete the tool on an annual basis, once it is implemented. A working group has been formed from the composition of the Family Matters Queensland Leadership Group to help drive the tool’s next steps and formalisation.

We have also undertaken preliminary planning for a 2019 Family Matters Queensland Forum. Following on from the 2016 Family Matters Forum, which provided the foundations for the Our Way Strategy and Changing Tracks Action Plan, Family Matters Queensland are planning another Forum for 2019, as we approach the end of the first action plan of the 20-year strategy. We identify timely opportunity to coordinate a similar, active co-design process to look at where we have come from and where we are now, and what this means for the second action plan as part of the Changing Tracks implementation stage. Family Matters Queensland are coordinating with the Our Way Strategy Team to look at effective joint approaches for the Forum’s planning and delivery. We will be circulating the Forum dates once they have been secured. The event will run over two days again and similarly to 2016, involve active facilitated discussion that centres around the Family Matters Building Blocks.

The Terms of Reference have been updated so that individuals who have signed the Family Matters Pledge are now also eligible to participate as part of the Family Matters Leadership Group. If you have signed the Pledge and are interested in being involved, please contact Nadia Currie who can provide you with upcoming dates and details regarding the Leadership Group (

It is also noteworthy that the annual Family Matters national report is set for release on 27 November 2018.This is an important annual resource that includes input from each jurisdiction. Keep an eye out on the Family Matters website for the report’s publication later in the year (

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