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Working for a better future and outcomes for our children

QATSICPP Practice Standards workshops and Supervision Framework training

A new approach to supporting and enhancing better outcomes for our children and families - QATSICPP Practice Standards workshops and Supervision Framework training

In May 2017, QATSICPP commenced a series of workshops and training focusing on the QATSICPP’s Practice Standards and Supervision Framework.

The two (2) day Practice Standards workshop, is an interactive (activities) and discussion based approach to assist participants in exploring the QATSICPP Practice Standards. Each of the 4 Standards have been designed into modules. Day 1 will focus on 2 Standards, these are 1; Engaging the child and family & Standard 2: identifying the storyline, with Day 2 focusing on Standards 3: changing the storyline & Standard 4: establishing a new storyline.

On day 3, participants will be provided training in the QATSICPP supervision framework. This training focuses on core elements of cultural supervision in an interactive and informative way. The training aligns its self to the QATSICPP Practice Standards and the concept of storylines. Furthermore, it also explores the history and development of the QATSICPP supervision framework and the interrelated core elements of supervision in relation to child/ family, worker and organisation.

So far, QATSICPP has delivered a total of 8 practice standard workshops and 4 supervision framework training across 5 services, with approximately 35 staff participating. At the end of the 3 day training, participants said the following:

  • “workshop/ training reminded me of the importance of planning and communicating goals clearly, so all services involved with the client are working collaboratively”
  • “staying focused on families”
  • “that families are dynamic and us (workers) are the vessel for change”
  • “the importance of reviewing families goals”
  • “giving energy to processes”.

A workshop/ training schedule has been developed with priority focusing on the newly established Aborignal and Torres Strait Islander Child and Family Wellbeing Service and QATSICPP member services.

For further information on Practice Standards workshop and/ or supervision framework training, please contact Sidney Williams (QATSICPP Training and Education Coordinator) on mobile 0477 701 257 or by email

QATSICPP would also like to acknowledge Encompass Pty Ltd and Paul Testro Consultancy in the development of the workshop and training package.



Participants from the Goolburri workshop May 2017

Participants completing activity – Goolburri workshop May 2017-07-27

Participants quotes – Goolburri workshop May 2017-07-27

Participants from IUIH workshop, July 2017

Participants from Mt Isa workshop, July 2017

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