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Entertainment Announcement!!

QATSICPP is excited to announce Sean Choolburra Live & Deadly!! at the QATSICPP 10 Year Anniversary Dinner on 28 June 2019. 

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Read more about Sean below.

Charming, captivating, cheeky, clever and charismatic, Sean Choolburra has carved his niche as Australia's No 1 Indigenous entertainer. 

Sean's comedy is uniquely & truly Australian. His is a fresh new voice in a comedy scene inundated by white fellas. He blends pop culture, dance, comedy and hip hop in a high energy, feel good show. 

“Part of my shows look at my Aboriginal and Australian identity, that is becoming very Americanised. My old grandfather says "Look at you kids, dressing up like Americans" without noticing he himself wearing cowboy hat and boots just like John Wayne. He likes to jibe us about wearing hip hop clothes and LA hats, "You kids have never been to LA", and I say LA doesn't stand for Los Angeles it stands for 'Love Aboriginal', then I break into a bit of didge hip hop rap.” – Sean Choolburra

Sean gives audiences a chance to get in on many hilarious 'Black Fella Yarns'. Perhaps it is his ability to share the naivety of a small town aboriginal boy, still coming to grips with the big city lights, that makes him all that much more inviting and engaging as a performer.

Sean is a dynamic and versatile comedian, rap singer, dancer, storyteller, actor & hip-hop didge player. He is a rising star of not only the comedy world, but also as an all-round entertainer, and is guaranteed to raise your spirit while splitting your spleen. 

Check out Sean on YouTube: 

Live performance by Rochelle Pitt at the QATSICPP 10 Year Anniversary Dinner


QATSICPP is delighted to announce Rochelle Pitt will provide a live performance at the QATSICPP 10 Year Anniversary Dinner at Rydges South Bank on Friday evening 28 June 2019. 

Read more about Rochelle below:

Rochelle Pitt is a Butchulla/Kalkadoon and traditional owner of Quandamooka Nation who started singing and performing at a young age in the churches and choirs of Far North Queensland.

Her long journey has forged a powerful voice that celebrates the strength, beauty and love within all of us. In her early twenties, Rochelle had breakout success with her original tracks “Too Deadly My Sister” and “Black to Reality” from her seminal EP Black to Reality, an uplifting and inspirational ode to her First Nation people. The conviction of her live performances leaves audiences breathless, and in recent years Rochelle has found mainstream success as she went from nurse and mother, to star on Australia’s The X factor.

Rochelle’s newest EP, Soul Mumma was released in December 2017, and today she continues to enjoy performances across Australia at music festivals, community events and across the corporate sector. She is also proud ambassador for APRA AMCOS advocating for the rights of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander singer/songwriters, and passionately supports organisations such as Kidney Health Australia. 



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