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Working for a better future and outcomes for our children

Upcoming Professional Development Training

Over the upcoming weeks, QATSICPP will be planning workshops focusing on QATSICPP Practice Standards and Supervision Framework. Proposed locations and dates are:

Location:                 Brisbane

Dates:                       19th, 20th, 21st March 2019

Location:                 Thursday Island

Dates:                       9th, 10th, 11th April 2019

Location:                 Cairns

Dates:                       7th, 8th, 9th May 2019

Location:                 Townsville

Dates:                       11th, 12th, 13th June 2019

Location:                 Mt Isa

Dates:                       16th, 17th, 18th July 2019

Location:                 Rockhampton

Dates:                       13th, 14th, 15th August 2019

Location:                 Toowoomba

Dates:                       10th, 11th, 12th September 2019

Keep an eye out for the workshop-training schedule, as this will confirm details such as to the locations, dates, venues, registration process and other important information regarding attendance.

Family Lead Decision Making Training Support

We will also be supporting our member organisations in the Family Lead Discussion Making (FLDM) process (as the need arises), especially supporting those staff members who attended and participated in the FLDM Train-the-Trainer in 2018 to deliver the FLDM locally and regionally.


QATSICPP will also be working towards providing a suite of educational and informative webinars during 2019. These will be available via QATSICPP website. An example will focus on the introduction, background and context of the position statement n relation to Aboriginal kinship care.  

Training, Workshops, Webinars, Resources

New Methamphetamine Animated Video as developed by Insight.

Insight has produced a 6 minute animated video summarising the key facts and features of methamphetamine.

  • This video explains the forms of the drug, rates of use, effects, treatment options and tips for supporting someone who is using or attempting to cut back or quit.

Insight have also produced this helpful Stages of Change animated video.

As part of the Breakthrough Project Insight has produced a free 8-page Information booklet (also attached) specifically for families of people affected by substance use. The resource contains a basic overview of substances, what treatment options are available as well as communication and coping strategies for family members.

This resource is available as part of a new Family AOD Toolkit Insight have launched on their website which also contains free eLearning, videos, webinar recordings, tools and other resources.

New Knowledge Centre Alcohol Resources

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre have added a suite of online resources which are now available on their website. Based on the Review of harmful alcohol use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, there are four new resources available:

Gallang Education & Training

Gallang Education & Training offer the Cert IV in Mental Health as well as the Diploma of Counselling. For more information on enrolment and course dates, please contact them on ph: 07 3899 5041 or email:

Gallang also have on scope the trauma informed care units of competencies. These are:

  • Develop a healing framework for social and emotional wellbeing work
  • Promote Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
  • Recognise and respond to a crisis situations
  • Work effectively in trauma informed care
  • Work within a narrative approach

Please contact them if you any enquiries regarding the trauma informed care units on ph: 07 3899 5041 or email:

Insight Alcohol & other Drug Training & Workforce Development Queensland 

Mental Health Professional Network

Emerging Minds


True (Family Planning Queensland)

Winangali Marumali

  • Child Protection Environment


    of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were placed with a kinship or Indigenous carer.
  • Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak


    There are 69,200 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children / young people in Queensland.